Hooowhat The Hell

August 15th was Leanh & Vanda's surprise party at Kathy's house. We all arrived at 5pm and planned to surprise them in the backyard where Leanh & Vanda would walk onto on the back balcony and look down to see the big sign and all of us yelling surprise. It was a half-fail because Vanda stepped onto the porch before Leanh did and we couldn't even see her there until a few seconds later because she was hidden behind some flowerpots and stuff.

Everyone basically started drinking waaay too early - before the sun even went down. Consequently, half the party was wasted by 9pm and there was nothing else left to do. It felt like the longest night ever. Everytime we looked at the time, it would only be like 10pm and that's still so early. Basically anyone who got wasted, sobered up again and partied again and it was still only maybe 1am.

Still, it was good times! I had a great time talking and laughing with old friends & new friends, sharing moments, talking about really random & awkward shit for the hell of it, and laughing at other people who were out of it.

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