August 16th was our photo trip to Whistler! We spent a good two hours or so driving up there and getting frustrated with Tomtom (the GPS) and finally stopped at Rainbow Park/Alta Lake before Whistler. It was gorgeous! Too bad it takes so long to get there otherwise it would be a gorgeous summer hang out location. After shooting there for a bit and creeping little kids, we kept heading to Whistler. When we got there, we spent forever figuring out where the bike event was and finding parking space. Eventually we got it worked out and finally started looking around Whistler. There wasn't much to shoot of the bikers unless you have a telephoto and a huge love of shooting the sport. Neither of which I have. We walked around the village, going to Starbucks for Jeff, going to the Olympics store like tourists, and then we came to this nice, quiet creek. We shot around there and then found this really nice clearing/park so sit around in until dinner time. We played around with each other's lenses (I basically hogged Wilson's pretty 50mm like it was my own baby) and cameras and had lots of laughs. Everything from Jeff's surprise abs & treasure patch to the best picture of Wilson going "IT'S LIKE FAUXHAWK?!" after he saw it. This little place where we just hung out was one of the best parts of the trip, rather than Whistler itself. Then we went to Earl's for dinner. And started to head back to Vancouver.

Best car ride ever - the drive back. Backseat dance party to the most epic playlist?! Hell yes. I had the most laughs there and the best time when we got tired of rocking out and just chilled with slow songs. That quote where that person felt infinite at that moment. That's how I felt. We got back to Vancouver by the time it got dark and we decided to go up to British Properties to shoot the view of the city. Sooooo dark, sooo scary, but sooooo nice. It's funny how rich people don't need streetlights. We spent a long time driving up those winding roads and getting lost but when we finally found it, it was an incredible view. And the houses are insanely ridiculous. They're gigantic. What the hell. I need to see that place during the day.

Overall, the Whistler trip wasn't the once with the most photo opportunities but it was the hanging out with these guys and creating moments and laughs with them that was the very best. Thanks for the memories :)

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