On August 6th, Willie & I went to the aquarium! I didn't get a chance to ask Ivan or Sally if they could put us on the guest list but that's okay. I was also hoping I'd get to run into them when we were there but oh well! They seem like they're having so much more fun at work this year after I left! Aw :( Anyways! We went through all the exhibits that I've seen about 20 times haha but it was just as exciting as the first time. I finally got to see the dolphin show from the deck above which I never got to see while I was working there. I also got to see the new baby beluga and her mum from the underground viewing area which I never got to see before either. I love how she had these rings around her eyes that made her look like Harry Potter. So cute! We visited my favourites: the jellyfish, axolotls, and butterflies! And my now-favourite: the belugas. We also went to the new 4D experience thing which scared the heck out of me! I wasn't expecting THAT much of an experience haha. Like the parts where started blowing this ocean breeze into the air & the bubbles were really nice. BUT NOT WHEN THEY SIMULATE RATS SCURRYING BETWEEN YOUR LEGS! After the aquarium, we walked & sat around Stanley Park, climbed a tree (!), and then went to eat at Joey's. WHO KNEW THERE WAS A JOEY'S ACROSS FROM CACTUS CLUB. WHAT THE HELL.

Left: "They sound like my mom."


Amy W said...

omg.. the little lizard thinger is so cute =3...

Gail Ng said...

It's a frog! HI AMY 394820 MILES AWAY!

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