Project Graduation, Part IV

June 9th was our commencement ceremony! We went to the Chan Centre for rehearsals in the afternoon and then had a ride from Lisa to McDicks to eat, then went home for a litte bit to get ready for the real thing. We ended up leaving half an hour later than we had planned and also got lost on the way back up to UBC. Which was okay in the end because everything turned out fine! It was kind of exciting to be in the masses of bright blue gowns, frantically getting in as many pictures with friends as possible, and waiting for the ceremony to start. Waiting in our lines backstage was even more exciting. There was this huge excited & nervous buzz going around all backstage. Being in the theatre itself was uplifting and some kind of amazing. All I could think of when I was crossing the stage was to not trip and get to Schindel without embarrasing myself and not to walk too fast and not to slouch. We waited five years to cross that stage in less then 1 minute. This was really it. We're done! We've graduated!

Right: Photo by David Tam, thank you!

After commencement, Wilson and I went to Earl's for a celebratory dinner and then went to his special spot in Granville Island. Gorgeous spot! Thank you for coming!

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