Good times

On August 18th, the girls had a Korean movie night at Amy's house which turned into something quite unlike a sappy tearjerker fest. While we were waiting to set up the movie, someone had this brilliant idea of playing Hotel 525 (I can't even remember if that's what it's called but I'm too scared to look it up). Yeah, not funny, guys. I had to turn around and face the wall while involuntary whimpering noises escaped me every so often while they played. Every time they screamed, I screamed even though I had no idea what they were actually screaming about. You can imagine how much of a relief it was when they finally finished the game.

The movie didn't end up working so someone else's brilliant idea led us to decide to drive to QE Park at midnight and scare ourselves shitless. Actually, this was a great idea haha. When we got up there, we grabbed a buddy and braved a walk through the pitch black park with only our cellphones and cameras to light the way. Hella scary. And hella hilarious when Megan and I pretended to scream at the same time which set off a chain of group screams over nothing. Hella fun adventure that you could only have with a big group like ours. I wouldn't ever imagine trying to do what we did alone or even with only one other person. I'd seriously shit myself.

We made a small round through one of the quarry gardens and decided it was too intense so we hung out at the celebration pavillion for a bit and had some goOod times.

Obligatory pre-jump picture. I like this one better than the ones where we actually made it into the air.

And then ended the night by going to Timmy's then to Emily's house to do our nails haha. Oh, and make fun of Cookie & her cone of shame.

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