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So I am! Two weeks ago, I went to the photo session by UPhoto. Overall, it was okay. It definitely wasn't as spectacular as I was anticipating and I didn't get very many good shots. I think if UPhoto organized it better and thought things out more, it would have been pretty decent. It was really difficult shooting 2-3 models alongside 30 other photographers. If they had just set up stations and broke us off into groups so each group could shoot a single model in one area and rotated us, I think that would have been much more efficient. Also, why were all the models hongers?! The model selection wasn't very smart and there was very clear bias towards the more attractive model as my photos (and I'm sure everyone else's photos) will demonstrate hahaha.

Winnie & Amy. We were shooting with a reflector but against a less than desirable background.

Then we went outside to shoot in the courtyard. Again, not a very nice backdrop unless you have an f/1.4 or something to work a slushy bokeh out of the unattractive surroundings.

These are all the models. They were supposed to represent the 4 seasons.

This was my only favourite part. Working with the studio lights! Even though I was kind of nervous and didn't get enough shots, it was really cool just to use them and the effect they gave was so different than anything I've ever seen!

That's all from the shoot!

I just finished my last psyc midterm on Thursday, HOORAY! And my birthday is coming up next week and I was planning on having a picnic with all my friends but I think I've concluded that the weather right now isn't very permitting for a picnic so I don't think I'll be doing anything. I kind of want summer now! :(

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Amy said...

why are the models so ugly.

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