I started school last week and I'm taking Physics 102 this term. My professor has hair almost as long as mine and looks like Mr. Castilho from high school. I already missed a day of school yesterday within one week because I was so dizzy and couldn't walk more than a few feet without collapsing on something to take a break. Thus, I spent the entire day confined to the couch, mostly sleeping haha. I'm pretty sure it was attributed to the fact that I decided on a day's notice that I was going to become a vegetarian and my diet has been on a rollercoaster for the past few weeks (eating very little and then getting STUFFED because of eating out or something and then going back to eating very little to make up for the extra food I consumed out of guilt). Oopsies.

I've also been looking for a job (unsuccessfully) for the last few weeks. Ideally, I want to work at the aquarium but I've been stalking their job openings and nothing has been coming up that I'm qualified for or want to do. Next best thing would be to work at Science World or even at a summer camp. I think it might be too late to apply for summer camp jobs though seeing as I haven't come across many. Other than those, I'd want to work at Chapters or a small bookstore or a small cafe type of thing (not Starbucks) but those usually require you to have a foodsafe certification which I don't have.

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Amy said...

If I can't find another job, I'll go back to chapters and recommend you!! :)

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