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Friday, Wilby & I biked about 9km there & back to New Brighton Park. Those hills were a pain but it buuuurned so good. For dinner, we went to try this restaurant called The New Bohemiam, as per suggestion of Amy. It was wonderful! This is another restaurant to add to my tried & true restaurants list.

I love their menu. It's not a vegetarian or vegan restaurant but they had a generous selection of veg-friendly dishes.

To start, we had their breads & spreads. Warm flatbreads & foccacia with this spicy spread that I forgot the name of, this spread with olives, and pesto. I'm not a fan of olives at all but I think that one was my favourite out of the three.

Then I had the quinoa salad! I've seriously never seen quinoa on a menu anywhere so of course I had to order that to compare it with the quinoa I make at home. I forget what was in it exactly but I know there was goat cheese, some kind of yellow fruit, olive oil, onions, green beans, and crunchy-yum walnuts.

Wilby had their nachos. It was like a party on a platter! He couldn't even finish it all.

And then dessert! That's the most important part, right? We like to look at the dessert menu first the moment we sit down before we even decide what we're going to have for dinner. I had the summer berry napoleon. And Wilby had a triple chocolate amazing cake thing. It was a chocolate-coma on a plate. Sooo, soo good.


Jessica (Healthy Exposures) said...

I've never seen quinoa on a menu, either! Of course, given where I live that's not surprising - but I would love to try it "professionally prepared," too. I like comparing what I make to the real deal to see how close I am, I guess :P
Looks like a great restaurant and a super fun night!

amz said...

OH MY GOSH I'M SO JEALOUS. -_____________-;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Anonymous said...

The quinoa salad looks so cute presented like that. Lucky enough for me, the dining halls at my college serve quinoa occasionally. I actually first discovered quinoa in my college dining hall!

Anonymous said...

I totally lovereeeee your blog! That looks like an awesome resturant! Your eats look so delicious and creative I'm so glad I found your blog! Such lovely pictures I wish I had a camera like that because I love photography! Have a great day and I'll definatly keep reading!

teenagehealthfreak said...

wow. looks amazing..well first off hello there..i love your blog. :) you have won me over to putting it right into my google reader...your pictures are amazing. and i wish we had resturants like that here.

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