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I'm behind on pictures as usual.. this is Christmas dinner with Wilby at The Locus. We were originally going to go to Grub but I forgot to call to make reservations until a few hours before we left and they were full until 9pm!

The Locus turned out to be awesome though and just down the street from Grub. Amazing tasting food! I had the risotto cakes and a chocolate mint creme brulee. The risotto cakes were so good, omgash. I can't for the life of me figure out what their seasoning was - it made mushrooms taste like bacon. Weird! But I wasn't much of a fan of my dessert because A) I don't like mint and B) I discovered that I don't like creme brulee. Just wanted to try it, that's all! If you're interested or might come visit Vancouver anytime soon, you can check out my restaurant reviews on my yelp!

Books I've been reading lately:

Why yes, two of those are cookbooks. Doesn't everyone read cookbooks like novels? Generation A by Douglas Coupland is particularly interesting. I seriously just randomly picked it up off the shelf at the library because the cover looked nice (I judge books by their covers). I've only just started it but it's basically about:

1) our world in it's technologically advanced future where all the bees in the world have gone extinct
2) all the food crops in the world have died out as a result of lack of pollination
3) all the crops remaining are genetically modified with "patented genes"
4) everyone is obese
5) 5 people in different parts of the world are stung by a bee (they're supposed to be extinct) at the same time

It's such a coincidence that I picked up a satirical book about food. ESPECIALLY after watching Food, Inc. just a few days before. The book even name-dropped Monsanto and I practically yelled "I KNOW WHO THAT IS!!" upon reading it after learning about it from Food, Inc.

It's a really good documentary. I was disgusted. Disgusted at what happens in the industry and all the deceptive ways major food companies & the government pass pure garbage as food that people ignorantly consume. If you have an hour or so, I'd recommend watching it!

What are you reading?
What's a good documentary you've watched?

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