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I turned 20 yesterday! My group of friends and I had dinner at Wild Rice (wasn't a fan) and then played Wii Mario Party and Taboo for drinks for the rest of the night. OH! OH! OH MY GOSH GUYS. No one is going to understand how awful this was for me but I brought my camera, as I do to almost everything, and realized I had left my battery in the charger when I got to the restaurant. It was terrible!! It was like I had left my pair of eyes at home or lost my right hand! I was destroyed! Of all days, I didn't have a camera on my own birthday. I don't think people understand that I have to take pictures of EVERYTHING to have a record of it! Otherwise I feel like I've lost a chunk of my life and no one will ever know about it! Luckily, we swung by my house after dinner so I could grab my battery before we went to Megan's so at least I had the use of my camera for the rest of the night. Do I sound like a crazy person yet?

Crisis story over.

Right after midnight, we had cake! They got Harry, Ron, & Hermione printed on my cake :D Ehehehe, so awesome! I'm not sure if you've ever played Taboo boys vs. girls but I'd like to know if all other guys are equally as bad at Taboo as my guy friends are. I'd like to think that females are just naturally more adept at making meaningful connections and reading minds. ;) It was hilarious though - I'd loved it!

Gave Chris a T-zone mask hahaha.

It was so much fun. I must have laughed my kidneys out as I seem to always do whenever I get together with these people. So much love (or not - insults seem to be the way some of my friends bond - it's not really a bad thing!) to go around!

And then on my actual birthday, I got some take away to share with Wilson for dinner from Organic Lives, one of the only two restaurants in my city that have a 100% raw menu. I was really excited to try it - excitement that was a little hampered when I stepped into the place and saw that it looked like a makeshift cafeteria in a warehouse.

Nonetheless, I ordered the "spring roll". It was a bunch of Thai spiced veggies wrapped in a sheet of dehydrated...something with a side of curried kelp noodles & mango chutney. This description may be entirely inaccurate but it's what I tasted.

And I also got the sea veggie sushi.

I was most excited for the raw desserts and got an apple cinnamon torte and strawberry cheesecake.

To be honest, I really didn't like the food at all. I'm ALL for raw food. I think it's amazing and innovative and can taste amazingly good. But the things I ordered just missed the mark for me. I enjoyed the sushi but that was it. With the desserts, I think I might have been influenced by a bad experience when I made a raw pumpkin pie. I never documented it here because I didn't want anything to do with it afterwards but I was quite proud of it. The pie itself was delicious but I just went crazy and ate waaaay too much of it at once and from then on, the smell and taste of raw nut crusts found in the majority of raw cakes & pies just repulses me. Which really blows because I really wanted to love the stuff I ordered from Organic Lives. I really hope I just chose the less than satisfactory items off the menu and that the next time I go, I'll order something really good and get a real taste of raw food.

On a completely different note, here's a bunny shaped cookie cutter and a giant lint roller. Not your typical birthday present is it.

Anyways, so that was my birthday weekend. It's strange to be able to say that I'm "in my twenties" now. I'm just a baby!


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