Lights Will Guide You Home

Yesterday, we had our winter photo trip to Olympic Village/False Creek. Even Mr. Tam joined us on the trip. It was a lot fun, despite a faulty tripod that I eventually ditched and just improvised with things I could place my camera on, the fact that most of Olympic Village was fenced off, and the deathly cold weather. We walked all along False Creek & on Cambie Street Bridge and got some amazing night shots when it got dark. Then we went to Cactus Club in Yaletown for dinner. My butternut squash ravioli was disappointing but dinnertime itself was fun. I decided to shoot this trip completely in manual & only RAW for the first time and I couldn't be more glad that I did. I'm extremely happy with the images I got out of this shoot!

As for the rest of winter break, I've been working on a logo which is frustrating and something I think I'm going to put down for a while until I have a substantial idea & amount of time. I've also been watching episodes of Glee from the most recent season! Hello? Most fun show ever?! Other than that, I've gone to prowl Daiso with Wilson, been less crafty than I had planned to be, and spent copious amounts of time on the computer editting pictures, blogging, and catching up on all the things I couldn't do when I had school. For the rest of winter break, I'm still hoping to go ice skating, finish Glee, and hang out with my friends more (sleepover!).

I also got the last of my grades in from last term. Surprisingly, I didn't fail anything! The only mark I'm actually proud of is my A- in General Biology 102 because that's the only class that wasn't scaled at all so I know for a fact that I got that mark all on my own! It's not much, but looking at how I've done in all my other courses, I think it's quite the accomplishment! Biology can never let me down!

Sleigh Ride

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! On Christmas Eve's Eve, Wilson & I went to Joey's for dinner and then to Bright Nights. We bumped into Mr. Tam at Bright Nights with his family which was such a coincidence! Unfortunately, after waiting a while in the ridiculously long line up, we found out that tickets to the train ride were actually sold out already and the line was for people who already had tickets. Oh well! We just walked around the rest of the light's display and left when my fingers froze off.

Oh Christmas day, I went over to Wilson's to exchange gifts, make perogies for his family dinner, and then went to dinner at his grandma's house. The Sweetest gave me the bunny mittens I saw at the SFU bookstore, headphones for next door's "problem", and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince DVD! THANK YOU!! I love them! The dinner was great! We got to hang out with his cousins for most of the time. His cousin Brian was hilarious!

Perogies & Sour Cream

On Sunday, we had our annual Christmas dinner at Mary's house. The Sweetest came over earlier to help me make perogies for the dinner! :) We had a LOT of food there and then did our little gift exchange game. I ended up with a present from Emily and they were socks & a poster! They are so warm & fuzzy! I'm wearing them right now! Thanks! Desiree ended up with the gift I brought and I don't know how she liked the beanie thing or if she would ever wear it but we joked that even if she didn't wear it, Cory would. It was hilarious how everyone picked gifts based on their weights and how everyone was after this one present that Amy brought because it was the heaviest.

Some of them decided to watch Awake and seeing as how I'm chickenshit, I booked it out of Mary's room when they finally figured out how to play the DVD. All the wusses went to the living room and played Clue! It took us forever to figure out how to play the game and when we did, I ended up screwing the game up because I forgot I had the knife card so that led everyone into thinking that was the weapon because I never showed it to anyone. Teehee. This is why I don't like board games.

Huzzah, cool socks!

Awoo took thisa one and some of the others!

Lovelove. ♥


Amy's home! Amy's home! We all got together tonight because Amy just came back for winter break from LA after 4 months. We also saw Julia yesterday after her arrival from LA! Winter break is bringing all our friends back together for the holidays! It makes me all warm & fuzzy inside :)


CAN YOU BELIEVE I'M FINALLY CAUGHT UP WITH ALL MY PREVIOUS BLOG POSTS?! I am finally blogging to you in real time again. The term finally ended as of yesterday and seeing as I haven't had the time or energy to take any pictures or write these last few months, I'll just give you a summary.

My first term at SFU was probably the most disappointing event of my life. Besides my great Biology class, I felt like I was just cramming more and more information into my head that was already maxed out. Physics was the worst one. I understood nothing and I'm 99% sure I failed it unless some kind of ridiculously massive scaling happens. The prof didn't teach you anything you actually needed to know, the homework was irrelevant and unfair, the textbook was useless, and the TA could hardly speak English. School was just this neverending cycle of consuming information (or I should say, being consumed by information) that couldn't be processed and couldn't fit. And if it didn't fit, well, then you better fucking make it fit otherwise you're fucked and no one can help you on that one. It was sick. I hate the feeling of working just for the sake of having something down on paper to hand in and leaving the fate of your grade to luck & a lot of scaling no matter how much you think you know your stuff. It really made me sick - just disgusted at the system universities function on. I had superiorly better teachers & better organized curricula in high school, free education, than here. I've come to realize that I was not made for higher education at all.

As if learning itself wasn't enough, I also had a little accident in November that involved Chemistry, a bench, loss of consciousness, and some teeth. I should probably spare you the details but at least now I have a great icebreaker story. "HEY, did I tell you about the time I broke my face?!"

I also joined several clubs at the beginning of the year including Ballroom Club which I quickly booked it out of once school started giving me a mindfucking and when I couldn't stand this annoying new acquaintance in the club anymore. Donald & I met Jonathan & Michelle in our Biology lab and I definitely owe it to them for making the labs and lecture and studying not so much of a pain in the ass. We had lots of fun times and priceless funny moments. Thanks guys! We are all unfortunately off in very different directions next term so I'll miss our ridiculous antics very soon!

Here is my tentative schedule for next term:

Now that school is over for a few weeks, I finally have the time to do all the things I haven't been able to do! I'm super excited for this break and I really just want to take it slow and do all the things I actually love. Here are some of the more pressing things I'm hoping to accomplish this break:
  • Brand my prospective photography business
  • Design a logo
  • Make some crafty things from my list of ideas
  • Re-design my blog
  • Make & sell some prints
  • Design a portfolio site (a hefty project!)

  • And of course, see Willie & all my friends!!!

    Siamese Twins

    October 11: Our summer crew went out to Swiss Chalet for Thanksgiving dinner + Amy's belated birthday! Here are some photos of us being asian.

    After dinner, we ditched the guys and went to Megan's house and played Wii (for my first time!) and watched gross (& interesting) documentaries. That's the life.

    Little Secrets

    September 26: Wilson & I went to Anita's birthday party! Although, technically it's also Wilson's party because he shares the same birthday. We had dinner at Section 3 where there were naked people everywhere. Seriously, the first thing you see when you sit down is this giant topless wall hanging & all the menus have gurls on them. But anyway, I thought it was really cool that they had a live DJ set and the best part was definitely the music blasting that night. It was great meeting Roxie & Anita formally and seeing some people I previously knew by name.

    After dinner, we went to Anita's house which was just another photo opportunity and a chance to watch everyone's drunk personality come out. Let me remind you that there are the happy drunks, the angry drunks, the funny drunks, the annoying drunks, and the knocked out drunks. Willie & I left when the first person of the night threw up haha.

    Let me explain this photo above. Anita was taking a shot called the Blowjob that you take... well, like that.

    If Andrew was in the middle, they'd be LAG, lol.

    Hijacked these ones from Wilson :)

    Swimming Towards Dreams

    September 6: For our 2 months, Willie showed up at my door with a painting for me that he had been working on for the longest time! Two of my favourite things + something symbolically beautifully! The first time I said he should paint me a painting, I was entirely joking. But a few months later.. the single most thoughtful gift is produced! He titled it 'Swimming Towards Dreams'. THANK YOU SO MUCH, BUMFACE! Then he put it up for me in my new room a few weeks later and now it's proudly sitting on the wall next to me :)

    We then finally made our trip to the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre! Unfortunately, we ended up getting there an hour before they closed so we only had to time to watch this show in the planetarium that dragged on and on so we booked it outta the theatre with like 15 minutes left before closing and went to see what else there was to play with. So.. I was majorly disappointed. The "rest" of the planetarium was pretty much this room the size of classroom with a few artifacts behind glass and some computer simulators that didn't work. I've been to the space centre once before and I remember it being a lot more exciting than this. Although that might have been due to the fact that I was maybe seven and the only part I remember was how cool it was listening to the big electronic voice speak out of nowhere in the theatre.

    The spinny thing on the right was about as exciting as it got.

    After that, we braved a gloomy & rainy walk through Granville Island and then went to Moxie's for dinner. We also have a habit of getting really excited over goodlooking restaurant washrooms. The one at Moxie's was reaaaally nice, but I still think the Yaletown Cactus Club one takes the cake.


    September 5th: Amy, Emily, Mandy, and I went for sushi at Kingsway Sushi! It was lots of laughs, a LOT of food, and fun times seeing as the 4 of us have never hung out like that. We also resorted to hiding a lot of food that we couldn't eat/didn't want to eat (like that Alaskan roll that I ordered thinking it was something else). But onto food pictures! So yummmmy! (By the way, these are from my first time shooting in RAW in forever! I decided to re-acquaint myself with it and now I'm hooked. So good!)


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