Sink Ships

There are 12 school days left. What. I don't know what to think about that.

When I first made this post, it was just the picture and no words. I didn't think I had anything to say but I guess I'm just not a very good public journal-er.

Today, in Physics, Mr. Hamlen was talking about how he went to SFU and how he thinks UBC is way too anal. That meant a lot to me especially when he said that in a class where basically every single person is getting freaking 278% in Physics and swimming in scholarship money from UBC. All except for me. That made me feel so much better about my new change of plans to go to SFU (partly out of a last resort, but my own decision, nonetheless). I know I'll belong there way more than I'd belong at UBC or any other school. Hell, Mr. Comeau went to Simon Fraser! Uncle Raymond once said that it's not the school that makes you smart; it's all just you in the end. I was pretty sure I would like SFU before but now I couldn't be happier that I'm going to be going there. Thank you, world, for opening my eyes.

I think I've decided to go back to my original plan and make my dinner dance dress. I had had the idea since last summer but I never did it. Now that it seems like I'll never find a dress I like in time, I think I'm going to go for the other plan. I need to go buy fabric!


May 9: Physics Day. I'm not too fond of Playland but it was alright for pictures.

I seem to get that a lot. Usually when I'm with my camera. No idea why that would be.

I'm still working on the panorama of Playland from above (from the top of the ferris wheel). I'm not entirely sure if it'll actually work out though because I was too scared to move myself over the edge of the cart thing so I just held the camera over the edge, away from my eye, and snapped a ton of random photos. Hi, I'm dumb.


April 30: Went on my first photo trip to Richmond with Wilson and Jeff. Hi, did I mention I love night photography? Hopefully, the first of many more to come. Unfortunately, we didn't go inside YVR to shoot in fear of swine flu and getting tasered haha. Reminds me of the Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris. I wish I had taken a picture there! The departure area was fantastic.


April 23: We decided to have a mini shoot on a whim for Emily. Yeah, shooting at locations around the block doesn't leave much room for creativity.

And then Emily got boring so I decided to take pictures of this cool snail instead. Hi, Emily!

We climbed a tree!

Happy Bokeh... Saturday?

Happy belated Spring. These are some spring blossoms from April 20th. Mr. Tam had told me about this cherry blossom photo contest that London Drugs was holding but I couldn't enter because I was one year short of their age limit. But I went to take photos anyway. If I could go and retake these, I would. This was a day when I had at least two tests to procrastinate studying for so I just went for a round around my block.

Grad Showcase

April 15th was the long awaited (and in my case, dreaded) Grad Showcase. It went something this:

And ended like that.


I haven't posted in over a month. There have been too many things happening too fast for me to keep up! Alright, since I last posted, I've gone on my first "photoshoot" with Mary & Tessa on April 4th. It was definitely an experience I needed to get & I'm not entirely sure that kind of thing works for me because it's so hard to come up with ideas on the spot that will make the model and the area look good. I'm probably not a great portrait photographer. Luckily, Mary totally knew what she was doing and she looks good no matter what she does so I barely even had to do anything except for pressing that damn shutter.


Hi, I'm Gail. I'm a 20 year old student in Vancouver, BC. I dance and I take photographs. I have a wishbone where my backbone ought to be.

This is a place for experiments and mistakes and inconsistency and trying to find out who I am and what I want to do. This blog is a collection of bad pictures, great pictures, good luck, real food, run-on sentences, happiness, inspiration, beautiful things, and moments in time.

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