On the theme of snow from a few days ago, the above picture is the one used in the text at the top of this blog. Taken back in December at a time when I wish I had a tripod with me so badly! Of all times not to have one & not to have anything to rest my camera on. The view from my school was AMAZING that night after the Student Council Christmas party.

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INTPs hollaaaah.

Off The Rail by The Notwist

Big Jumps

Our second pep rally was yesterday. Hah, now can say that we've had a whopping total of three half-assed events in a row: the mixer, dance, and now pep rally. Wow, it kinda sucks to be on council right now. But anyway, at least I could get some good shots out of it.

All the photos in this post were processed with an action by AutumnLove! Isn't it pretty? I never use actions because I believe in handling each unique picture individually (and partly because they never work the way I want them to look like) but I fell in love with this one! Yay!

Grad showcase auditions are next week! SAY WHAT? Yeah, and I haven't finished my routine yet. I really need to find a big space to practice in because I've been doing this whole thing in my living room which is basically as big as my height length and width-wise. There's barely enough room to turn around and I can't even do fouettes because my leg would basically whack everything and drag the tv and a chair around with it. Not even kidding. So I have no idea how the spacing is going to work out when I do the real thing. I also don't know how the jumps are going to work out either because I haven't been able to do them here. It's insanely stupid how you have to BOOK the dance studio at school to use it. Technically, it's no different than any other classroom in the school so why is it so exclusive?! That pretty much means I have to be either flip or in dance to use it.

People keep reminding me that my Europe trip is in ONE WEEK. To be honest, I'm actually not as excited as I thought I would be (or as I pretend to be when they give me the countdown). I don't know why. I'm not even that interested in France & Italy, I don't even know why I wanted to go so badly in the first place. :\ Maybe if we went to Amsterdam too as the add-on trip I would be more ecstatic. I don't want this to suck. I just recently realized how much money this trip actually cost. Damn, I could get TWO round the world plane tickets from Air Brokers for cheaper than this and then I could just couch surf & crash at people's houses along the way. Oh well, NO MORE NEGATIVE THOUGHTS. :\ If I think it's going to suck, then it will.

Big Jumps by Emiliana Torrini

D. It Is Written

In celebration of Amanda's birthday yesterday, we went to Red Robins to eat and then watched Slumdog Millionaire.

(Photo Credit) Slumdog Millionaire was really, really good! I thought it sounded stupid when we were deciding what to watch but it turned out to be brilliant. The journalistic scenes they captured in Mumbai were incredible and devastating at the same time. The artistic portion of the movie was perfection - I loved that a lot. And the storyline itself was a mix of heartbreaking then heartwarming. I love the kid who played Jamal when he was little!

After watching the previews before the movie started, I really want to watch Earth and The Soloist! I never watch movies in theatres unless there's an occasion but hopefully I'll at least get to see Earth in good company. It looks just like the Planet Earth series that was on discovery channel a year ago or so - I recognize some of the scenes. I hope it'll be as good or even better :) I love things like that.

I think this picture sums up the night.

Let It Die by Feist

Birthday Turned Make-up Party

Tug Of War by Carly Rae Jepsen

Slow Dancing in a Burning Room

Midnight Masquerade

Was exhausting and not as good as Showstopper. The music was terrible & so hard to dance to. This means SURGE definitely lost my vote for Senior Formal & Prom. Too bad they're giving us such a good deal though. Even though the dancing & music itself was boring, chilling with people was fun.

"IDNIGHT MASQUERADE". Mr. Lawrence just HAD to ruin our whole picture.


Yesterday, I received this:

I got accepted into SFU in Biological Sciences! Conditionally accepted but accepted for now nonetheless. Now I'm just really afraid I can't keep my marks up until the end of the year. They are fluctuating like CRAZY! My Math mark has gone up but basically EVERYTHING else has dropped so much. Really hoping I can pull myself back together (how many times have I said that) so that this isn't just false hope.


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