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This is so stunning I can't even describe it! I'm sitting here watching it while eating my dinner and I feel like I'm skipping every other breath because I'm gasping at how beautiful it is. Oh my god. It's all of strength, beauty, fluidity, and grace combined. I wish I could dance that! Performed by the Netherlands Dance Theatre & choreographed by Jiri Kylian!

The first part to this two part performance is just as stunning.

Amanda says post more

So I am! Two weeks ago, I went to the photo session by UPhoto. Overall, it was okay. It definitely wasn't as spectacular as I was anticipating and I didn't get very many good shots. I think if UPhoto organized it better and thought things out more, it would have been pretty decent. It was really difficult shooting 2-3 models alongside 30 other photographers. If they had just set up stations and broke us off into groups so each group could shoot a single model in one area and rotated us, I think that would have been much more efficient. Also, why were all the models hongers?! The model selection wasn't very smart and there was very clear bias towards the more attractive model as my photos (and I'm sure everyone else's photos) will demonstrate hahaha.

Winnie & Amy. We were shooting with a reflector but against a less than desirable background.

Then we went outside to shoot in the courtyard. Again, not a very nice backdrop unless you have an f/1.4 or something to work a slushy bokeh out of the unattractive surroundings.

These are all the models. They were supposed to represent the 4 seasons.

This was my only favourite part. Working with the studio lights! Even though I was kind of nervous and didn't get enough shots, it was really cool just to use them and the effect they gave was so different than anything I've ever seen!

That's all from the shoot!

I just finished my last psyc midterm on Thursday, HOORAY! And my birthday is coming up next week and I was planning on having a picnic with all my friends but I think I've concluded that the weather right now isn't very permitting for a picnic so I don't think I'll be doing anything. I kind of want summer now! :(

Raining Bunnies

I don't think my bunny Bill has ever made an appearance on my blog before. Here he is! When I have a job and my own home, I'm going to adopt a real bunny and name it Pikachu. Just kidding. But I want a bunny for sure, seeing as I can't keep a whale as a pet or cuddle with them either.

I made a formspring today because that's what all the trendy people on the internet are doing. If you don't know what it is, it's pretty much just where anyone can ask you about anything or get in contact with you without using email. I don't know why anyone would want to know anything in particular about me but here it is!

Yesterday, Wilby & I went to Ikea because he had to look at lights for his project. I ended up leaving with a paper desk shelf thing, a laundry hamper, and a lightbulb. I can't seem to stop spending money as of late. :/ But I LOVE Ikea! I wish I could redecorate my whole room!

My post about Wednesday's photo session will be up as soon as I finish editing the pictures and finish this week's worth of schoolwork! My last midterm is on Thursday! Hallelujah! But final exams proceed shortly after. :( Please be over soon, school!


A few weeks ago, Wilby brought Rupert's friend home! Meet Russell! He's a cutie!

That same day, I also found a pair of $12 jeans at Forever 21 hahaha.

In other news:
#1: It snowed for the first (sort of, but I like to think the last time didn't count because it was hardly anything) time this whole season a few days ago! The sight of it was totally weird - all the cherry blossoms were covered in snow. We haven't had any substantial snow all winter and it doesn't look like we're going to for the remainder of it, which is completely out of character for Vancouver.

#2: Amy's back from LA! We spent Friday going to Richmond to pick her up, browsing Value Village for my first time, and having dinner at Boston Pizza, also for my first time.

#3: The 2010 Paralympics have started in Vancouver. I don't feel as much of a buzz in the city as with the Olympics but nevertheless, they're here!

#4: I'm going to a photoshoot session at SFU on Wednesday, held by UPhoto, and I'm very excited! I'll be learning how to use lighting equipment & ambient light and be shooting actual models in an indoor & outdoor setup. You'll definitely be seeing the outcome of that soon!

Last of the Olympics

Here are the last of my Olympics pictures! So sad to be finished with them. These are from February 25th when Sam, Wilby, & I went to check out the pavillions around Science World. We waited for really long time to get into the Sochi Centre, only to be greeted by pretty emotionless & unenthusiastic, borderline pissed off hosts.

Here I am signing the 22nd book of autographs this guy handed us. He said it's for the Guinness World Records for the most autographs received hahahha. I hope he made it!

This Russian mascot (not an official Sochi 2014 mascot, however) made a very well-received appearance while we waited in line. It was SO CUTE! It's name is Cheburashka.

Found via Vancouver Is Awesome.

Overall, the Vancouver Olympics were amazing. I've never felt our city so united and so happy. I encountered some of the nicest strangers from Canada and from around the world who would break into conversation with you like they had known you forever while we waited in line ups. The spirit in the streets, in the air, and even just sitting at home watching the games on TV was exhilarating. You could FEEL the buzz of excitement in everyone. The games themselves were incredible. Hella 14 golds!! The Canada vs USA hockey game was practically worth like 5 gold medals itself. The Olympics knocked me upside the head and made me realize that wow, this city is really beautiful - something that I've always known but never really acknowledged. I'm so proud to be living in Vancouver. We pulled it off flawlessly! I'm so proud to say that I AM CANADIAN!

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