Last of the Olympics

Here are the last of my Olympics pictures! So sad to be finished with them. These are from February 25th when Sam, Wilby, & I went to check out the pavillions around Science World. We waited for really long time to get into the Sochi Centre, only to be greeted by pretty emotionless & unenthusiastic, borderline pissed off hosts.

Here I am signing the 22nd book of autographs this guy handed us. He said it's for the Guinness World Records for the most autographs received hahahha. I hope he made it!

This Russian mascot (not an official Sochi 2014 mascot, however) made a very well-received appearance while we waited in line. It was SO CUTE! It's name is Cheburashka.

Found via Vancouver Is Awesome.

Overall, the Vancouver Olympics were amazing. I've never felt our city so united and so happy. I encountered some of the nicest strangers from Canada and from around the world who would break into conversation with you like they had known you forever while we waited in line ups. The spirit in the streets, in the air, and even just sitting at home watching the games on TV was exhilarating. You could FEEL the buzz of excitement in everyone. The games themselves were incredible. Hella 14 golds!! The Canada vs USA hockey game was practically worth like 5 gold medals itself. The Olympics knocked me upside the head and made me realize that wow, this city is really beautiful - something that I've always known but never really acknowledged. I'm so proud to be living in Vancouver. We pulled it off flawlessly! I'm so proud to say that I AM CANADIAN!

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