Swimming Towards Dreams

September 6: For our 2 months, Willie showed up at my door with a painting for me that he had been working on for the longest time! Two of my favourite things + something symbolically beautifully! The first time I said he should paint me a painting, I was entirely joking. But a few months later.. the single most thoughtful gift is produced! He titled it 'Swimming Towards Dreams'. THANK YOU SO MUCH, BUMFACE! Then he put it up for me in my new room a few weeks later and now it's proudly sitting on the wall next to me :)

We then finally made our trip to the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre! Unfortunately, we ended up getting there an hour before they closed so we only had to time to watch this show in the planetarium that dragged on and on so we booked it outta the theatre with like 15 minutes left before closing and went to see what else there was to play with. So.. I was majorly disappointed. The "rest" of the planetarium was pretty much this room the size of classroom with a few artifacts behind glass and some computer simulators that didn't work. I've been to the space centre once before and I remember it being a lot more exciting than this. Although that might have been due to the fact that I was maybe seven and the only part I remember was how cool it was listening to the big electronic voice speak out of nowhere in the theatre.

The spinny thing on the right was about as exciting as it got.

After that, we braved a gloomy & rainy walk through Granville Island and then went to Moxie's for dinner. We also have a habit of getting really excited over goodlooking restaurant washrooms. The one at Moxie's was reaaaally nice, but I still think the Yaletown Cactus Club one takes the cake.

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