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Don't guess, I'll just tell you. I'm happy to announce that I won't be a confused university dropout for the rest of my life. I got accepted into the photo program that I applied to for September! I had my entrance exam, interview, and portfolio review with them Tuesday & Wednesday of this week and I just got my acceptance tonight! They told us there were 128 applicants for 28 seats in the program and that 2 people were already accepted on the spot on the first day of interviews. Pretty depressing odds. But whaddayaknow! They had room for this awkward little girl too.

I'm beyond excited! Before Tuesday, I was starting to doubt whether I wanted to be in the program at all because that just means paying more money for two or three more years of school when I could probably learn almost everything I need to know on my own from books/internet/experience. But after the orientation, I want to be there more than ever. It made me realize that I have SO much to learn and I NEED the connections they lead you to at the school.

These are a few pictures I took out of the roll of film I shared with Wilson on Sam's Nikon F80. It was my first time using a manual film camera and I'm proud to say that I'M HOOKED. There's something so special about film that I think only people who have shot in it will understand. The feeling of holding prints that you made, the action of translating what you see into a physical item on paper, not knowing what you're going to get until they're developed.... it's magical! We used a roll of Kodak BW400CN for these. I'm majorly disappointed that these scans don't represent the actual prints at all! The quality, contrast, and detail is so different and so much better in person! These are not great pictures but because they were my first and because I have the physical prints & negatives next to me, they mean more to me than they probably mean to anyone else. Part of the magic of film, I guess!

Now that I have the stress of getting into school off my back, I'll won't neglect the blog as much. Or at least I'll try! Tomorrow, I'm going out to dinner and going to see the grad show from the photo grads of this year at the same program I'm going into. Should be an eyeopener!

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