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Oh my gosh. Massively overdue photos. Wilson and I came here to 100 Nights for dinner two months ago! And I'm only posting now.... whoops. I spent yesterday and today catching up on some yelp reviews and figured it was time to update this blog as well. Holy moly. This is the same review I posted over at yelp.

It probably wasn't a good idea to come for dinner at 6:30pm on a hockey night because pretty much every single person there was only there for drinks and to watch the game on a huge TV they rolled out.

I felt like our server judged us when we didn't order drinks (I hate it when servers do that anywhere) and he seemed a bit taken aback when we said we were ready to order our dinner. Overall, very pretentious and not very friendly.

To start, he brought out these two crab crostini-type appetizers that were on the house. It would have been a nice surprise but it's funny because I don't eat meat and my boyfriend is allergic to crab. My boyfriend took one for the team, however, and finished them off so that we wouldn't have to feel bad about sending it back... even though it made him itch for the rest of the night.

I had the ravioli and chocolate torte for dessert. The ravioli was decently good - creamy and cheesy, like a ravioli should be. As for my dessert... I appreciate that they were innovative with it - it consisted of a plate of random things like two raspberry marshmallows (which I thought were pretty cute), the little block of chocolate torte, what looked like some cookie crumbs (I have no idea...), and a tiny cup of some kind of custard sauce. It was really strange. I had no idea how to eat it.

The ambiance seemed kind of confused. I understand that it's supposed to have this artsy, trendy kind of feel but I didn't get it. The decor didn't really go together and it just didn't make sense. The chairs are literally white, folding, wooden chairs from your backyard patio. Not to mention the very loud music.

So basically: pretentious servers, sub par food, and I don't even like the atmosphere of the place enough to come back just for drinks.

(left) They had an awesome bathroom though. But again, it looks nothing like the outside. Makes no sense to me at all.
(right) The more exciting event of the night was the Langara Photography Grad Show at Roundhouse. This was a few days after I got accepted into the program so I really, really wanted to go and see the 2011 grads' work.

Starting with the only food photographer first. Elle. We saw her doing a food shoot with a Hasselblad (completely irrelevent information but geez *drool*) during our tour of the department. She's amaaazing! Her portfolio book, photos, presentation, everything was probably my favourite out of the whole show.

Amanda's the only photojournalist out of the whole grad class. Very different work from everyone else but that's what's so admirable about her. She was the one who led the tour for my group! She's also one of the students who did the program in 3 years instead of 2, which I'm considering doing.

I was super impressed with most of the grad's work. It was almost surreal being there and knowing that I'm going to have my very own wall there in two or three years to display my own work! It was great seeing what they came out of the program with so that I have a sort of standard that I know I want to aim for or exceed.

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