Since I haven't really been taking any pictures recently because I'm back at school, here's a delectable spread from this month's W Magazine. I'm in love with the colour palette & dresses here!

What I've been up to so far in 2010:
  • Had New Years' Day dinner with some of my relatives.
  • Had a "sleepover" at Emily's house where we watched Santa Clause 1 & 2, went for a McDicks run, made fun of people on facebook, and left leaving only two people to actually sleepover.
  • Was reinforced of my realization of how terrible my computer monitor is and how all my pictures are way too light & washed out on all other monitors. That sucks some major butt because no one is seeing what I see and how I want my pictures to look like!
  • Went ice skating at Killarney with Wilby which was really fun. I'm going to teach him how to fly!
  • Lost my student ID/library card & old upass somewhere and had to get my ID replaced for $20! Lamesauce.
  • Went back to school and discovered that Psychology is very confusing and contradictory to my strictly Biology based mindset. Also discovered that my work habits are a very poor no-no and they must change! It really feels like I've somehow lost my ability to read more than two sentences in one sitting.

    Other than that, I really don't like being back at school and would much rather be doing something else but I guess I have to stop being such a whiney kid and suck it up because I have 4+ more years to go.

    I also find it funny that someone found my blog by googling "perogies sour cream".
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