4 days of school left, 14 days until I'm finished my last exam of the term. My lack of updates, lack of photos, and lack of everything fun in general has been attributed to the fact that I don't have time!! Here's a peek into our little sweatshop of schoolwork.

Wilby has been slaving away on the sewing machine doing his soft product project and I've been taking neverending bio notes, among many other things. :(

I can't until summer so I can wallpaper & redo my room!

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Hi, I'm Gail. I'm a 20 year old student in Vancouver, BC. I dance and I take photographs. I have a wishbone where my backbone ought to be.

This is a place for experiments and mistakes and inconsistency and trying to find out who I am and what I want to do. This blog is a collection of bad pictures, great pictures, good luck, real food, run-on sentences, happiness, inspiration, beautiful things, and moments in time.

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