Chronologically Backwards

Yesterday was my last day at CanTEST. It was probably the most interesting day in the whole week actually. I filed some workloads, went to the instrument room, prepped some vitamins, and then followed Lynn around doing inventory and sticking little red dots on everything haha. She also took me on a mini tour of the building while we were searching for one of the vitamin samples that was being tested for E-coli. We went to the microbiology lab which was cool because that's somewhat related to what I'm actually interested in doing and then there was another lab where they tested hospital gas & scuba diving air tanks which was really cool. That's something I'd want to do instead of trace metals.

This one I took just after Rob was like "I don't want to be in the picture!" and then proceeds to stand there right in front of me haha.

And these are some from a few weeks ago when we had that one sunny day in the midst of a snow apocalypse (no kidding). I haven't seen nice natural light through that window in forever. I want spring/summer now, please!

In between, before and after these pictures, I also went to the Gladstone play "Food For Thought" with Desiree on the 23rd. We also had our Fashion Show on the 22nd which was a fantastic success! It was so good & I can't believe we got such a great response. It all came together SEAMLESSLY! It was worth it! We also had midterm exams that week which killed me. KILLED ME.

Now I need to spend the rest of this weekend doing homework and catching up on what they did at school while we were on career prep. Completely unfair! The ones who didn't have career prep probably had a slack week while we had to work 8 hours everyday AND try to learn all this stuff by ourselves and do all the homework assigned? You'd think when half the grade is gone for the week, they'd stop teaching or at least exempt us from doing the same work. RIDICULOUS.

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