Back From The Dead

I am extremely disappointed that I missed/am going to miss seeing the Quadrantid meteor shower these few days (specifically the 3rd & 4th of January) because it's snowing. Again. The cloud cover is indestructible and opaque, giving me no chance at catching a glimpse of this wonderful burning debris hurtling towards Earth. The next major shower isn't going to be until April with the Lyrids, I believe. Major downer!

Night Sky Over Country House by Neil Creek. (which has no relation to the Quadrantids - I just flickr'd his photostream today and saw this beauty)

It's okay though because tonight, I rediscovered my love of astronomy and dance and everything that inspired me in the early part of 2008. I think I'm finally getting back to what it's like to FEEL. The past few months have been awful and I only lived for the sake of living and surviving and just getting through those godawful days without declaring myself a failure. It's all coming back to me, I know it.

I have a lot of ideas in my head for some photographs I want to do. But seeing as I am my only model at this point, next on my shopping list is an ML-L3 Wireless Remote. Unfortunately, I have realized that shipping to Canada is outrageous! So, I've been creeping craiglist (with no luck) because I refuse to pay for shipping that costs twice as much as the item itself!

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