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I've never posted art here before but then again, I've either never finished the art I start doing or I don't have time to start it in the first place or I don't like it.

One thing you might not know about me is that I used to be a Gaia addict. My friend Amanda (not you, Chu) introduced me to it in 8th grade and I was an avid player until about grade 10. I recently revisted the site for the first time in years! And something about Gaia is that beyond all the n00bs and trolls and internet dickbags, there are some really amazing artists. I've found artists I still follow on deviantart today. Being on Gaia again, gave me a huge urge to make stuff soooOo this was inspired by this Gaia avatar.

Here is the progression .gif because I thought it looked cool when put together.

I also made a new deviantart account here! Visit me! I had two other accounts previously, both of which had really stupid usernames (32fouettes & foulwords... really?). I also found my folder of really old drawings dating back to 2006 that I think I'm going to revisit and finish.

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