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Last week, I went to Amy's dinner at Ebisu before she went back to LA. The veggie options on the menu was pretty disappointing but that was expected. I find it rare for Japanese restaurants to have a good selection of meatless dishes that aren't lightweight. Maybe I'm just not going to the right ones! I only really had three options so I went with the vegetable yakisoba and one of the two veggie rolls.

The yakisoba turned out very yummy!


They're all crossword obsessed. I've only finished one entire crossword in my life and I'm not even sure if I got it right because I didn't check it in the next day's paper.

We stayed there for quite a while and then while everyone went to watch the meteor shower, I had plans to watch it with Wilby.

We watched this same shower last year on the same lawn chair in his driveway. This year's Perseids didn't impress as much as last year's! We saw 22 meteors last year, while only about 3 this year. S'okay! It's all about the experience. I remember a few years ago when I first "discovered" the wonder that is our night sky and I had this phase where I had epiphany after epiphany about how amazing our universe is. I stayed up until morning most nights and would go out on my porch wrapped in a blanket and just stare. I cried seeing my first meteor fall. I tried to train myself to remember the names and positions of constellations & nebulae. I had a notebook that I would draw that night's sky in and record the exact positions of everything and the exact times I saw something unusual. I watched the ISS circle the skies until I couldn't see it anymore. I wanted to be an astronaut. With serious plans!

How much has changed since then. I'm surprised that I was so passionate about it. I spent so much of my time dedicated to exploring & learning about it even though there was no material outcome to be gained. I kinda really miss that. I miss being so inspired with something that I had learned myself. Not because it was something that I saw on the internet somewhere that everyone else was into. I was truly inspired by it for what it was. I miss loving so many things at once. Geez, I was bursting with love! I felt so much when I saw the colours of the sky in a sunset or when I heard the first bird chirp in the morning after an all-nighter or when sharp, cold winter air hit my lungs. I could cry over those things!

Whereas, now, I'm just trying to get through each day focusing on tiny, unimportant things that only involve myself. I'm living for weekends. Everything I do needs to have an outcome and that outcome should preferably benefit me. I don't know where my love for the bigger picture went. I also don't know why I'm saying all this. Wow, I really didn't mean to. I started by talking about a meteor shower.

That brings me to something else I had on my mind today. I started this blog as a means of sharing photos of little, beautiful things that inspire me. I never intended it to be a food blog or even a diary sort of blog where I keep chronological records of my days. So... now what I'm saying is that I really don't know what this blog is about. I'm just a really confused person. And I'm surprised you're still reading this.

This may have been the most I've ever spoken on this blog. Like, really speak. Mostly it's just some nice comments about a pleasant experience I had. Most of the time I make things sound more positive than they really were. Like that yakisoba I had at Ebisu? It was really oily and the hostesses were wannabe-skanky. At least the servers weren't because I didn't really want misplaced fake eyelashes in my food. ..Again, I don't know what's with me today. I'm going to stop typing riiiiiiggght



Anonymous said...

your pictures are so beautiful! they could be in magazines!!! i like reading your blog and it's okay to put your feelings out, it's like an outlet to come and just be yourself! :) have a good night and weekend!

Elaine @ Om Sweet Om said...

it IS really hard to find veggie options in Japanese restaurants, since they're so seafood-based!

i agree that your own blog should be an inspiration for yourself. some people follow because they share your passion and find your blog inspiring as well ;)

Walking thru Sunflowers said...

I absolutely love your pictures and think you are very creative!!!!! No need to apologize - its your blog and you can do with it whatever you feel like doing - you should feel free to express yourself in whatever creative way you desire!!!!! xoxo aimee

Anonymous said...

beauiftul pictures, what type of camera do you have? your so lovely and a wondeful blogger! that restaurant looks awesome! glad you found a veg option
<3 Ashley

Anonymous said...

I have a Lot of shame about the fact that I cant finish a crossword puzzle. Hell, I can barely start one. It makes me feel so stupid, but I just never find the word they are looking for.. :(

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