"Carrot cake" oats! With a banana, chopped dates, and coconut. Eating veggies sweet! I'm starting to love oatmeal. Normal, (microwave) cooked oats. I can't seem to get overnight oats to the right texture.. but that might be because I use rolled oats. The next morning they still taste raw. Well, I mean, they actually are raw but I just don't like the taste of it.

Wilby & I went to the Powell Street Festival. It's basically a Japanese-Canadian festival with a line up of Japanese music, dance, & martial arts showcases, yummy food, Japanese clothing, art, & craft vendors, and lots of people in traditional Japanese clothing.


There were so many cute Japanese crafts. I LOVE Japanese fabric. I wanted to buy everything there!

On the other hand, my dinners lately have been much less exciting and tasty as my breakfasts. These are just random things (or everything) from my fridge thrown together. I'm seriously lacking dinner inspiration.


Jessica (Healthy Exposures) said...

Gorgeous photos, as always. The oats look delicious! I am quite the fan of carrot cake oats :) I disliked overnight oats initially, too - but then I grew to love their creaminess. I've done quick and rolled, and much prefer quick. I almost can't compare overnight oats and stovetop and microwave oats - they're all so different!!
I've been feeling rather uninspired for lunch and dinner lately, too. We'll find our groove again sooN!

Amanda @ . seek . said...

Omigosh, I want all of those ridiculously cute Japanese crafts. I'm such a sucker for things like that. And the kinonos are gorgeous for sure. Outdoor festivals like that are a lot of fun, and I've got to say that your pictures are fantastic :)

My breakfasts are always a lot more interesting than my dinners, as well. I think it has to do with the fact that I'm a lot better with coming up with creative sweet dishes than savory ones, and breakfast tends to usually be my only sweet meal, so it becomes the best one as well. Solution to that? Probably having breakfast for dinner ;)

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