Timmy Bahzle

I got my first sweet basil plant! Meet Timmy. Timmy Bahzle! He's not doing so well currently.. I think I'm already killing him but I hope his little leaves perk up soon! I'm transferring him to a bigger pot in the next few days.

I currently have 3 cameras in my possession. My D40 (left), a D50 (middle), and a D70 (right). I've decided to keep the D50! So that means my D40 is going away to a better home.. probably to someone who won't drop it as much as I did. The ultimate upgrade would be to a D90 but I definitely don't have the funds for that and I was just really tired of how the D40 couldn't autofocus old lenses. I wish I could keep the D70 but it's kind of a monster of a camera. My thumb can't reach the arrow pad when I'm holding the camera up to my face, which makes changing focus points too much of a hassle! I named my new camera Tobey. :) And I've since borrowed Wilson's 50mm f/1.8 because I finally have a camera that can focus it and it's amaaaaazing!

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Amy said...

I don't think basil plants die. we left carolines over winter break for 3 weeks and it started sprouting greens again LOL. however, hers was a big potted one.. so i durnos!

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