July 27th was our photo trip to the Greater Vancouver Zoo. It was one of those hella hot days and we were in the sun the whole time there. Killer! The zoo was a lot less interesting as I had expected. I thought it would be something like the aquarium where it's jam packed with animals everywhere and within close proximity. The zoo was basically a lot of grassland, chainlink fences, and tired animals sitting in the shade. It was a lot less interactive and visitor friendly than I had expected. And it wasn't great for photos because of the fences and the distance between you and the animals. But I love love loved the giraffe area! The little viewing balcony thing allowed the giraffe's to come up SO close to you! And they're massive!! The camels also surprised me in size. And I love how the peacocks are allowed to roam freely.

After a really sweaty few hours at the zoo, we went to Pitt Lake. It looked really nice in pictures! But alas, it's just a lake and it's not all that exciting to take photos of. But great to visit for the first time anyway!

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