Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince came out on July 15th but Wilson & I went to see it on the 18th. We went out to Scotiabank Theatre early to get tickets for the evening show and then spent the time before the movie at Granville Island where he showed me around Emily Carr. Our run in with the security guard when we both walked out of the men's washroom together scored a ton of awkward points for the day. Then, we rushed a meal at Earl's to make it 45 minutes early back to the theatre to line up for good seats.

I wish I could actually tell you what I thought of the movie but I was more into the kid sitting next to me than Harry Potter itself. The scene where the Inferi start attacking and a Dumbledore who had just got raped by the holy water shit suddenly gets up and starts blasting fire out of his arm was awesome and about the most action I saw in the entire movie. That's okay though because this 6th movie turned out very cleverly funny. I loved the part where Harry takes the Felix Felicis potion and gets all ADD for the day. Daniel Radcliffe's great at that deadpan, straight-faced, funny material. Camping out for the midnight release next movie? Hell yes.

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