August 1st was the day of the China fireworks. Megan, Amy, and I went to English Bay at around 4pm to reserve a spot for the others and when we got there, it was super packed already. We had to settle for this area behind this ridiculously tall log that you couldn't really see over the top of and in behind these crackheads. It turned out to be a really bad idea to sit behind the guys smoking in front of us because it smelled soooo strongly of weed the entire time, I could hardly breathe. And in the middle of the fireworks, those guys freaking stood up and started packing and all of us were like "SIT YOUR ASSES DOWN!!!" On the left of us were these Japanese guys who were hilarious when the fireworks started. This guy was like "WOWOWOWOWOWOOWOW!" every time a firework exploded and he'd do that until it dissipated in the air. He was also like "I liiike it!" "No problem!" in his really fobby accent. We were making fun of it the whole time and laughing so hard about it.

The fireworks themselves weren't as good as the Canada ones. Or, at least, that's my opinion. Most people thought they were the best ones but I didn't find them very exciting at all. They were mostly really small and didn't really have any rhythm and they generated SO much smoke, there was this huge smoke cloud in the middle of the show - not good for my pictures at all. And the smoke lasted for a long while after the show finished. We were like "Look at what China did to our air!"

After fireworks, we went to eat congee at some asian place on Kingsway. And then got a ride from a very nice bus driver who let us ride it one stop without fares. He also drove the rest of them home even though he was off duty already, they didn't have fares, and it was off his route! How nice! We thought he might be some psycho bus driver killer and would drive them off to somewhere secluded or something but he didn't. Just genuinely nice. Nice!

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